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Jimmy Morales and Donald Trump will meet on Tuesday, December 17 at the White House. The photograph was taken in September 2017. (Free Press Photo: Newspaper library)

President Jimmy Morales will visit his American counterpart, Donald Trump, on Tuesday, December 17, in a bilateral meeting that will be held at the White House to address migration and security issues.

This would be the last meeting Morales will have with Trump in his capacity as President of the Republic, since next January 14 he will finish his term.


Although it was initially announced that Trump's meeting would be with the elected president, Alejandro Giammattei, the Presidency of the Republic confirmed in a special statement that it is Jimmy Morales who travels to Washington, United States.

According to official information, the Vice President of the United States will also be present at the bilateral meeting. UU., Mike Pence; the Secretary of the State Department, Mike Pompeo; the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf; and presidential advisors Mick Mulvaney, Robert O'Brien, Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller.

The issues to be addressed by officials “will revolve around irregular migration, economic development, investment opportunities, technical and financial cooperation for the fight against transnational organized crime, as well as the illicit traffic of goods and people, citizen security, momentum of economic growth to reduce poverty, governance and fight against corruption, transparency, institutional strengthening and support for the rule of law, among others, ”according to a statement shared by the Presidency.

As reported by Jimmy Morales' wife, Patricia Marroquín will also meet with the First Lady of the United States. UU., Melania Trump.


In February 2018, Morales and Trump held a "brief" meeting at the White House. This happened after Guatemala decided to change its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, in support of the United States that did the same.

The meeting was during the National Prayer Breakfast held annually in Washington.

The first meeting between the presidents was on September 24, 2017 in the framework of the United Nations General Assembly.

Although the Jimmy Morales government wanted to pretend that this first meeting was private where they were able to address issues of “governance,” after having decided to declare commissioner Iván Velásquez unpleasant, it was actually a fortuitous meeting.

The photograph that circulated of Trump and Morales, along with their wives, was actually taken during a part of the program of activities called Opportunity Photo that does not constitute more than a courtesy that is used by various guests to appear alongside the US president, but that It has no political significance, nor does the conversation have an official character.

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