JLo Confesses Which Engagement Ring He Will Never Forget (and It’s Not ARod’s)

The singer admits that she loved receiving the ring decorated with a pink diamond that the actor gave her when he proposed to her, however striking it was.

The stunning engagement ring that Alex Rodriguez handed Jennifer Lopez last SeptemberWhen he proposed to her on a beach, it is not the first of those characteristics that she has received throughout her life.


The Bronx diva has been married three times and committed one more: her relationship with Ben Affleck was one of the media in the early 2000s and, although it did not end in a wedding, it did last long enough for the actor to give him a jewel adorned with a pink central diamond after asking him to marry him.

That ring was valued at over two million dollars And, although it was anything but discreet, she loved it: “Ben had given me a pink diamond that caused quite a stir … well, that doesn’t matter. And don’t get me wrong, I loved that he gave it to me”, JLo has confessed in an interview to Zane Lowe for Apple Music.

The truth is that it was colorful enough to attract the attention of a true passionate and knowledgeable gemstone like Barbra Streisand.

“I met Barbra at an Oscars party years ago. She was engaged to Ben Affleck at the time and it turns out that she loves diamonds, although I had no idea,” she revealed. “He approached me because he had heard of the ring and asked me if I could see it and he was also asking me questions about it. The strange thing is that afterwards we kept talking and he asked me how it felt to be famous and how I handled it,” she added.