JLo Makes The Most Painful Confession About His Career

The singer participated on Saturday at the ‘Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour’ event, in Inglewood, California with Oprah Winfrey.

Jennifer Lopez participated in the event on saturday Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour, in Inglewood, California with Oprah Winfrey , and for the first time revealed how he felt when his performance in the film Wall Stree scammerst was not considered to compete in the last delivery of the Oscar.


“I was sad, I got a little sad because there were many expectations. I received so much good news, more than ever in my entire career. And there were many (headlines) of ‘will be nominated for an Oscar. If it will happen. If they don’t nominate her, they should be crazy. ‘ So, I am reading the articles and I think: ‘Oh my God. It will happen?’. It didn’t happen and I felt like ‘ouch’, a little disappointed. “

“The vast majority of my team has been working with me for 20, 25 years and I think they were hopeful too. I wanted the nomination and I think I disappointed them a bit too,” he confessed, as the audience and Oprah Winfrey They contradicted her.

To get out of that painful sensation, “The Bronx Diva” said that she started thinking about all the good things that had happened in the last year: “The Super Bowl, a fully sold tour, the nominations for other awards and then, not achieving what I wanted with the Oscar. I had to reexamine everything. “

In that analysis process, two key questions were asked: “Why are you an artist? Why do you feel so sad right now?” What he concluded was that what he was looking for was greater validation of the people.

Jennifer Lopez He confessed that he concluded that he wanted to hear being told that he did a good job. But he realized that: “I don’t need that. I’m where I am and that’s fine. I’m enough. I don’t need that prize now to feel that I can do things,” he said.

During the talk, Oprah He asked if he had been surprised by the more than a thousand complaints against the show he offered with Shakira in the Super Bowl, after a Christian activist denounced that the singers’ show was a “pornographic show.”

“No, I was not surprised and it doesn’t bother me either. It was such a beautiful night and everything was so well received that it would be a sin for me to listen to a very small fraction that thought it was very sexy or other negative things.”

This March 9 marks a year of the marriage commitment of Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer López, so that Oprah He did not miss the opportunity to ask when the wedding would be.