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After the worldwide premiere of the expected Joker film, actor Joaquin Phoenix once again occupied the main media headlines that seek to know about his life about his birthday. His friendship with Heath Ledger is undoubtedly one of the most curious aspects of the actor, because both gave life to the villain of Batman.

Both Hollywood stars began their careers in the film industry at the beginning of the century, forging an intimate friendship between them, which ended unexpectedly in 2008, after the death of the Australian performer due to an overdose.

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Although they had a difference of five years, Joaquin being the eldest, they agreed on the dates when their performances caught the attention of critics. In 1999 Ledger premiered "10 reasons to hate you" and in 2000 Phoenix got public recognition as an antagonist in the movie "Gladiator."

Although both actors never got to work in a production together, they agreed on galas and awards, forming a friendship between them that preferred to be away from the media show, but from which there are still photographic records that record the affection they had.

Friendship between Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger

That is why the death of the Ledger by overdose, affected Joaquin Phoenix, who had suffered the loss of his brother in the same way in 1993, when he was just 23 years old and a promising career in acting ahead.

This friendship relationship was intertwined again when it was learned that Phoenix would play the Joker, one of the last roles that his friend gave life to in the cinema, and that led him to posterity for his magnificent personification.

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However, the American actor has been emphatic in stating that his characterization has not been influenced by another character. “The attraction of making this movie and this character was that we were going to make it our way, so I was not inspired by any interpretation of the character. It was simply like our creation, in a way. It was something very important for me and key to doing so, ”he said in an interview.

What there is no doubt is that Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Leadger have left their name impregnated in the film industry and in the collective imagination of comic book followers, each in their own style, with their versions of the Joker.