Joaquin Phoenix Improvised This Shocking Scene In Joker – Prensa Libre

Phoenix Joaquin is emerging as the favorite for the Oscar.

Joker is already the highest-rated adult film in history, with US $ 849 million around the world, so the details of the production recover a special interest.

Knowing that there will be many who have not yet seen the movie, we warn that the following story has a spoiler.


One more revelation about the film refers to the scene where Phoenix – Arthur Fleck in the film – opens the refrigerator and enters.

Lawrence Shere, director of photography for the film, told SlashFilm that the scene was improvisation of the actor. The production was surprised to see how Phoenix began to remove the items and ends up getting into that space.

“Joaquin thought about what he would do if he suffered brutal insomnia. Again we gave him freedom to go where he wanted, and in the first and only shot he did we were hypnotized. I remember thinking: ‘What are you doing? Did you really just get in the fridge? For us, contemplating it was funny and strange at the same time, ”said the filmmaker.

In the same way, Phoenix separated from the script for another memorable scene: the dance in the subway of Gothic City was also an improvisation.

"Joaquin created the whole dance and, after the success of that scene, we began to create more moments like that," he said.

Driven by the enormous work of Joaquin Phoenix, which sounds like Oscar's favorite best actor, but also dragging a notable controversy over criticism that accuses her of encouraging violence,

With the name of Arthur Fleck, Phoenix embodies the origins of Batman's arch nemesis and has been critically acclaimed to the point that Oscar's best actor sounds like.

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