Joe Biden Goes Ahead With Transition Despite Lockout

Philadelphia – President-elect Joe Biden pushed ahead Wednesday with preparations to take over as commander-in-chief despite President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attitude to hamper the transition.

Biden interrupted his planning behind closed doors only to pay tribute to fallen soldiers in wars by attending a ceremony at the Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia. The president-elect, whose late son Beau served in the Delaware National Guard, did not comment during the ceremony.

Biden continues to downplay Trump’s refusal to accept the election result, although leaders of both parties warn that the outgoing president’s actions could be dangerous.


With unfounded allegations of voter fraud, Trump has prevented the incoming president from receiving intelligence reports and withheld federal funds earmarked for the transfer of power. Trump’s resistance, backed by senior Republican leaders in Washington and the rest of the country, could also impede background checks for the appointment of new government personnel and access to federal agencies to discuss transition plans.

Biden did not plan to make public statements Wednesday. On the eve he tried to lower the national temperature in statements to the press from the makeshift headquarters of his transition near his home in downtown Wilmington.

He called Trump’s position an “embarrassment” that would affect the outgoing president’s legacy more than a hindrance and predicted that Republican lawmakers would come to accept reality. The Republican resistance, he said, “does not change the dynamics of what we can do at all.”

Intelligence reports “would be useful,” but “we don’t see anything that will delay us,” he added.

From his Twitter account on Wednesday, Trump reiterated his statement that he was the real winner of the election and his unsubstantiated allegations of “corruption and dishonesty.”

The president’s Republican allies in Congress, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have encouraged those accusations.



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