Joe Biden opposes Donald Trump continuing to receive intelligence reports

Joe Biden Opposes Donald Trump Continuing To Receive Intelligence Reports

Washington – President Joe Biden on Friday opposed his predecessor, Donald Trump, continuing to receive intelligence reports from the Government due to his status as former president.

Asked during an interview with CBS if he believed that Trump should continue to receive these reports, Biden replied: “I think not.”

“I just think there is no need for him to receive intelligence reports. What does giving him an intelligence report do for him? What impact does he have at all, other than the fact that he could just go off his tongue and say something? ”Biden said.


Asked again about his fears should Trump continue to have access to this type of confidential information, the president said: “I prefer not to speculate out loud.”

By tradition and as a deference, former presidents have access to intelligence reports once they leave office, but the White House has the final say on whether or not Trump should receive them.

In the same interview, Biden discussed the new $ 1.9 trillion bailout that Democrats are trying to pass in Congress without collaboration from the opposition.

The president confessed that the increase in the federal minimum wage to $ 15 included in the plan, may not end up being approved since he does not have enough support.

While for the majority of the package it only requires a simple majority in the Senate (50 votes), for the increase in the minimum wage, 60 are necessary.

On direct payments to citizens worth $ 1,400 also included in the ransom, Biden said the White House is still studying who should receive them.

While the two previous direct payments with Trump in the White House went to people with annual incomes less than $ 75,000, this time the bar may be left at 50,000 under pressure from more conservative Democrats, such as Sen. Joe Manchin.



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