Joe Biden predicts a "bleak future" if Congress does not approve a pandemic aid package

Joe Biden Predicts a “bleak Future” If Congress Does Not Approve a Pandemic Aid Package

Washington, DC – President-elect Joe Biden on Friday forecast a “bleak future” if Congress does not act quickly to pass a pandemic relief bill, amid a surge in infections across the country that is hampering recovery. national.

He also expressed concern that so far he has not seen “any detailed plans” from the administration of President Donald Trump on how to distribute an approved coronavirus vaccine, but said he and his team are working on their own proposal.

Biden made his remarks following the release of a national employment report in November, which showed a sizable drop in hiring even as the country has lost roughly 10 million jobs from pre-pandemic levels. The Democrat called the report “terrible” and said that it “shows that the economy is stagnating,” although he considered that prompt action by Congress can curb some of the damage.


“If we act now – and I mean now – we can start to regain momentum and start building a better future,” he said. “There is no time to lose”.

The increase in coronavirus cases has caused states and municipalities to backtrack on their reopening plans. And more restrictions could be looming after a drop in temperatures, and travel due to recent holidays leads to record cases and confirmed deaths. Biden has said that while he is not in favor of a nationwide quarantine, he plans to ask Americans to commit to wearing a face mask for 100 days to help fight the coronavirus in one of his first actions as president.

But one of your main challenges in rolling back the coronavirus pandemic will be distributing a vaccine. Although the Trump administration has initiated plans around the distribution of an inoculation, Biden said Friday that that proposal lacks significant details.

“There is no detailed plan – that we have seen, at least – in terms of how you take a vaccine from a container, to put it in a syringe, and from there to someone’s arm,” he said.

The president-elect said that while his team agrees with some of the priorities the Trump administration has set in its vaccine distribution plan, more work is required.

One of the main questions, Biden added, is how to get the vaccine to minorities, who have been much more affected by the coronavirus. He is working on a “blueprint,” and has asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s leading infectious disease expert, to be part of his COVID-19 team to help with planning. Biden said the distribution alone was a “very expensive proposition.”



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