Joe Biden Rejects Sexual Harassment Complaint

Washington, D.C. – The virtual Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden rejected on Friday the complaint of sexual assault of a former employee of the US Senate and said that “this never happened.”

It was the first time that the former vice president spoke publicly about the accusation of his former employee Tara Reade.

“I say it unequivocally: This never, ever happened,” Biden said in an interview on the MSNBC cable channel.


Biden said he will ask the National Archive to determine if there is any evidence of such a complaint.

“The former employee has said she filed a complaint in 1993,” Biden said. “But he has no record of this alleged complaint. The documents from my Senate years I donated to the University of Delaware do not contain personnel files. ”

Biden said that “there is only one place where a complaint of this type could be: the National Archive. The National Archive is the place where the documentation is kept ”.

In recent days, two acquaintances of Reade said that she had revealed certain aspects of the complaint to them.

Fearful of the growing precariousness of the position of President Donald Trump, who is seeking reelection during the November election, some Republicans take advantage of the complaint to accuse Democrats of hypocrisy because they only defend women who accuse rightists. They barricade themselves in that position even though it could renew attention on the numerous sexual assault allegations made against Trump.

For their part, Democrats are in the awkward situation of vigorously promoting women who file complaints and at the same time defending the man who will be their standard bearer in the election that many consider the most important of their lives.



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