Joe Biden urges Democratic lawmakers not to settle for the job done

Joe Biden Urges Democratic Lawmakers Not To Settle For The Job Done

Baltimore – The US president, Joe Biden, stressed this Wednesday to his party’s legislators that although the successes already achieved would be enough to win in 2024, we must not settle for that: “There is a lot of work pending.”

“If we did nothing except implement what was already approved and let people know who did it for them, we would win. But we are way above that, ”he said before his ranks in Baltimore, where Democrats in the House of Representatives met to outline the strategy with which to continue advancing before the next elections.

This annual convention thus serves to establish a road map in which, despite not wanting to be complacent, the initiatives that have already seen the light do represent the starting point that the Democrats use to make the population see the benefits of their diary.


“Let’s get people to see who did it. (…) In short, our plan works: it is fiscally responsible, the economy grows, the deficit is reduced. But no matter how much we have already done, there is still a long way to go to finish what must be done, ”he maintained, citing for example his willingness to ban assault weapons.

In 2024, the Democrats aspire both to retain power in the White House and to regain control of the House of Representatives, lost in the midterm elections last November.

Among the achievements of those who are already boasting are the infrastructure plan valued at $1.2 trillion, an increase in control over firearms or the law to reduce inflation, which included $369,000 million in investments in clean energy and climate change.

The extremist Republicans, the faithful to MAGA (Make America Great Again, the motto that former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) used in his first electoral campaign) are not going to join many of the pending proposals, Biden admitted. “But there are plenty of other Republicans who can help get a significant majority.”

For this reason, he urged to build ties with the conservative bench “as much as possible.”

Biden, constantly applauded in a speech that lasted nearly half an hour, will also be the main speaker at a similar event that the Democratic senators will hold on Thursday in Washington and where the need to counter the Republican offensive, which launches criticism, is also present. constant in their management of the pandemic or the border with Mexico.

“We are focused, united and prepared to put people above politics,” Hakeem Jeffries, leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, had stressed this Wednesday at the beginning of this convention that, according to progress, boosts their confidence. from now to 2024 in those first successes and in that union in the progressive ranks.

Although Biden has not officially announced that he will run for re-election, he has said that he plans to do so.

His current balance, however, does not achieve the approved citizen: only four out of ten Americans believe that he is doing a good job, according to figures from two polls by the Gallup and Ipsos demographic institutes carried out in February.



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