Joe Biden Wins Most Super Tuesday Delegates

Washington – Former Vice President Joe Biden crowned his Super Tuesday victories by winning the majority of delegates on the most important night of the presidential primary calendar.

The Associated Press has awarded more than 92% of the 1,344 delegates that were at stake on Tuesday and Biden has such an imposing lead that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will not be able to reach it while counting the missing votes of that primary’s Day in 14 states.

Biden achieved his delegate lead by accumulating solid victories in Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia, while earning a narrow victory in Texas. In total, Biden won in 10 states and Sanders in four.


“Not long ago, the press and experts declared this campaign dead, but this week we had tremendous support in the country,” Biden told fans via telephone on Friday. “We change the whole narrative.”

Sanders won in California and three more states: Colorado, Utah and his home state of Vermont. Although Sanders won in the largest state, California, he did not achieve the dominant lead necessary to overcome the accumulation of Biden.

Biden has won at least 610 delegates from Tuesday’s contests, while Sanders won at least 513, according to the AP’s delegate count. There are still 102 delegates to be awarded.

In total, Biden has 664 delegates and Sanders, 573. Sanders started the week with an advantage of six delegates. Biden’s performance was even more considerable considering its slow start in the first three contests. Less than a month ago, Biden did not win a single delegate in New Hampshire.

The contest will now become a prolonged battle for two men to obtain delegates in order to win the nomination at the July Democratic National Convention. A majority of guaranteed delegates won in the primary and caucus _ 1,991 _ is required to win the nomination on the first ballot. With only two viable candidates in the race, the possibility of a contested convention is remote.