Joe Biden’s Government To Distribute 500 Million Free COVID-19 Tests

Washington – President Joe Biden announced today, Tuesday, that the government will purchase 500 million rapid COVID-19 tests that will be made available to the public beginning in January 2022, one of several mechanisms that the US president has adopted in the fight against a rebound in infections with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus driven by the omicron variant.

Biden announced the availability of the free trials, which can be purchased through a new Internet portal, during a speech he gave this afternoon, Tuesday, from the White House, while repeatedly urging people to to get vaccinated and get the booster dose.

Once a citizen completes the application, the evidence will be sent through the federal Postal Service, Biden explained.


“Ómicron has already become the dominant variant of the coronavirus in the United States, and if you are not fully vaccinated, or have not received a booster dose, you should be extremely concerned that you are not protected and could be the victim of a severe infection. Most of the recorded deaths are from unvaccinated people. Although vaccinated people can be infected, science has proven that the effects on inoculated people are much less severe. That is why I urge you to get vaccinated … you have to get vaccinated! I promise you they will be saving lives! ”Biden added.

The president also ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide 10,000 additional places to administer vaccines, as well as more places to take free citizenship tests, starting this week in New York, where he has registered. an alarming spike in infections.

“We are going to increase efforts to get people vaccinated with booster doses. We have added 10,000 additional sites for them to be vaccinated. This week I will deploy more health professionals and places that will administer vaccines, ”said Biden.

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“Insurers will start paying for COVID-19 tests, so they can ask to be reimbursed. However, I also directed FEMA to open more centers where free testing can be done, thus reducing waiting time in line. The first of these new centers will open the next inlet in New York ”, emphasized the president.

Similarly, Biden announced that FEMA has shipments of gloves, masks and ventilators that are ready to be distributed to state hospitals in need. Biden also ordered FEMA to activate the National Response Center that will begin to build temporary expansions in hospitals due to the possibility that they will be overwhelmed with infections and hospitalizations.

“I also ordered the activation of 1,000 military doctors and nursing professionals who will be ready to mobilize, in an instant, to reinforce hospitals in states that may be overloaded with cases and hospitalizations,” stressed Biden.

“We must all be attentive to omicron, but we cannot panic. That is why they must be fully vaccinated and given the booster dose. 200,000 million people are vaccinated, and it’s just a matter of staying focused, ”he emphasized.

The world faces the prospect of a second consecutive Christmas season with COVID-19 as families and friends continue their plans to reunite. Scientists don’t yet know if omicron causes more serious disease, but they do know that being vaccinated offers strong protection against serious illness and death.

The White House provided details on the proposals that Biden will announce in his speech.

The initiative marks a major change for Biden, whose previous plan had required many Americans to purchase hard-to-find tests on their own and then request reimbursement for their health insurance.

Public health experts had criticized Biden’s initial approach as unwieldy and warned that the United States would face another round of testing problems at a critical time. They stressed that in other advanced countries such as the United Kingdom, the government guarantees access to tests.

In the United States, by contrast, rapid tests for home use are much more expensive than in Europe, and they have proven to be very difficult to find in stores.