JOH Says That Weapon With His Engraved Name Is In The Custody Of The Honor Guard

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, said the weapon with his name engraved is in the custody of the Presidential Honor Guard.

The photograph with the inscription: 'Juan Orlando H. President of the Republic', was presented at the drug trafficking trial against Tony Hernández in a court in New York, United States.


On his Twitter account Juan Orlando Hernández wrote: "How ridiculous. I share some photos of weapons with engraved names of presidents," such as Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy and Ronald W. Reagan.

He also argued that "the prosecutor is using a definition of" state-sponsored drug trafficking "that is absurd: a photo of a gun with the name of a president."

"This is what the prosecutor said:" This photo of the defendant's phone is an incarnation of what is state-sponsored drug trafficking. This is a machine gun from which they heard with the name of the defendant's brother engraved on it, " He indicated next in a tweet.

He also rejected "bluntly" that his country is a "narco-State" as he has been pointed out in the drug trafficking trial against his brother Juan Antonio Hernández in a court in the Southern District of New York.

President Juan Orlando Hernández has followed the process against his brother Tony Hernández day by day and has rejected the accusations of the witnesses and the Prosecutor's Office that involve him in alleged bribes and electoral fraud.



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