“Johan Arango And Other Footballers Are Persecuted By The Media”: Hugo Rodallega

May 20, 2020 – 05:27 p. m.
                                2020-05-20 By:

Colprensa – El Colombiano

Colombian striker Hugo Rodallega made an Instagram post with Johan Arango, in which they talked about media persecution at the wheel of Cali.


Both expressed their disagreement with situations in which the media measure the behavior of the players with a different standard.

Arango said that he cannot go to Cali and meet his friends in a corner because someone would be filming and then filter it. Given this, Rodallega stated that the Valle del Cauca and other soccer players, whom he did not mention, are persecuted.

“You have been persecuted. I have always endeavored to have a clean career, but I can be more lazy than you and drink more, but what happens is that yellowing is only seen in some people, ”he said.

Likewise, “Hugol” as the press baptized him at some point, revealed an anecdote when he came to English football and learned that many players drink alcohol before going out on the pitch.

“I remember my first game which was Wigan-Liverpool and in the dressing room there were a few cans of beer and bottles of white and red wine. That was something new for me, I had no idea because you don’t see that in Colombia or Mexico ”, he assured.

“I go up to Antonio Valencia and say ‘come on, why is there beer and wine in the dressing room if the game is in an hour’, and he replied that many players needed to have a beer or a glass of wine before leaving to the court”.