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John Bolton, the US security adviser fired by President Donald Trump, criticized Monday (23.12.2019) the strategy of the Republican president regarding North Korea.

"The threat to US forces and our allies is imminent, and a more effective policy is needed before North Korea has the technology to threaten US territory," Bolton tweeted, dismissed on September 10 for his growing disagreements. with the president.

The former security advisor, advocate of a firm policy towards Pyongyang, never hid his skepticism about the 2018 approach between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


Bolton was fired by Trump last September for his disagreements with the president.

North Korea threats

North Korea's nuclear disarmament negotiations have not yielded any results so far, and the North Korean regime has threatened to hit the United States if it does not obtain concessions on its part.

In an interview for the Axios news portal, Bolton said that, contrary to what he says, Trump does not intend to prevent North Korea from becoming a power capable of launching an atomic bomb on other countries.

"This administration has been in power for almost three years and there has been no tangible progress for North Korea to make the strategic decision not to develop nuclear weapons," Bolton said.

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