John Leguizamo 'plays With Fire' For Latino Children In The US

Colombian actor John Leguizamo became involved in the creation of his character in his new film, 'Playing With Fire', to be as authentic as possible and recognizable by Latino children in the United States as someone from his own family.

'How rich it is to see and recognize each other on the screen!', Exclaimed the actor, producer, writer, filmmaker and businessman, explaining, in an interview with Efe, that he asked the producers of the film, in which he shares posters with the athlete of wrestling turned actor John Cena, that allowed him to create an authentic character.

'I told them we could do something' wepa ', but they had to help me,' Leguizamo recalled. 'We had to rewrite it, improvise' and that's how Rodrigo was born, a helicopter pilot firefighter who demonstrates how a 'very good male' can be 'a very good mother'.


In 'Playing With Fire', which opens next Friday, his character is part of an elite squad of California firefighters known as 'Smoke Jumpers' (those who jump into the smoke), whose main mission is to rescue people who gets caught in the fires.

In the family comedy, which Leguizamo considers a kind of tribute to the firefighters who fight the fires that are unleashed with increasing fury in the southwestern state of the country, the firefighters rescue and end up adopting three very naughty children, who begin making them their Very neat life a real disaster.

"Rodrigo is very Latin, he dances, cooks, throws phrases in Spanish, talks about his grandmother," said the 55-year-old artist. 'It's someone in whom Latinos can recognize each other.'

He is also an ex-convict who in jail became a fan of the animated series 'My little pony', very popular among young children, something that the actor who has put on his shoulders the mission of educating Latinos, About Latinos "You can be macho and tender at the same time," he said.

For years Leguizamo was an actor of the lot, with the right luck to have constant work, but without standing out too much. That changed in 1998, when he decided to turn his complicated family history into a theater monologue to which he gave the name of 'Freak'.

Since then his career both in theater and film and television has been on the rise, as well as his activism in favor of the Latino community. However, in recent years, it has begun to emphasize the future, and at the center of these efforts are children.

Consider your mission to make sure that Latino children are aware that they have 'super powers' and that their life experiences are very different from yours.

'I grew up in a very hard neighborhood in Queens, in New York. My family life was very hard, 'Leguizamo reflected. 'My fight in Hollywood was much harder than it should have been. I don't want other young people to go through the same thing if I can help it. '

That is why he has increased the volume of his political activism, not only criticizing the policies and rants against Latinos of President Donald Trump, but underlining positive stories.

That is the idea behind his most successful play 'Latin History for Morons' (2017), which he translated as 'History of Latinos for idiots, or fools', in which he turned everything he had learned into a monologue Give your child ideas about how to defend yourself from boys who harassed you for being Latino.

Also of his decision to produce, star and direct the film 'Critical Thinking' about the chess team of Miami Jackson High School, in the South of the state of Florida, which became the first educational institution of a poor urban area in Win a prestigious national chess championship.

"It's an incredible story, it captivated me," said Leguizamo, who plays Mario Martínez, the teacher who believed in them and led them to victory.

This film will be released in 2020, as well as another inspirational film, which has him very excited.

This is 'Harry Haft', the story of a Jew whom the Nazis chose to participate in the fights they organized among the prisoners of the concentration camps, for their own fun.

'When he regains his freedom he becomes a boxer and even came to challenge Rocky Marciano. I play your coach, 'he reveals. 'It's a beautiful movie. I think it will be nominated for many Oscars'.

Leguizamo affirms that his version of the highest award of the cinema is the faces of the public when he makes his monologues, especially the most recent one, which he is still on tour, since he recognizes that he is 'excited' to see grandparents, parents and children sitting in front he.



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