Johnny Rullán's Family Will Continue His Health Legacy

The legacy of Dr. Johnny Rullán will continue through a foundation that bears his name and that his family promises to continue to promote prevention and accessibility to health services.

The Johnny Rullán Foundation, which managed to be incorporated just the day of his death on November 6, will be promoted by his widow, María Arill, the three children of Rullán (Michael, Johnny and Antonio), the two children of Arill (Michelle and Miguel Gratacol Arill) and the two brothers of Rullán (Jane and Pedro).

"What we have today is a lot of courage and strength to continue his legacy of life, to serve the people," Arill said in a brief report with the press during Dr. Rullán's funeral service.


She was accompanied by the brothers of the salubrista and their children.

Arill described Rullán as an excellent husband, father, brother and friend, as well as a public servant of excellence who dedicated his life to serving the people.

He highlighted the admiration and affection of the people towards Rullán. He also thanked the medical and nurs ing staff who attended him, particularly in the last six months, since April 24 he stopped walking after a deterioration in his health condition. In particular, he thanked Dr. Jorge Lastra and Aracelis Nieves of the Manati Medical Center; Dr. Alexis Cruz of the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital; Dr. Anthony Lombardi González and Mr. Daniel del Castillo, from the Reh Encompass Hospital and Dr. Javier Morales, from Best Option, in addition to the nursing and hospital staff.

The remains of who was Secretary of Health and epidemiologist of the state, positions he held under penis and popular administrations of five governors, are exposed at the Funeral Home Puerto Rico Memorial, where several former governors and former secretaries of Health, in addition to former officials, officials, colleagues, friends and family remembered the memory of Rullán in an honor guard.

Meanwhile, this afternoon, at 3:30 p.m. Mass will be celebrated in his memory in the Santa Teresita Church, in Santurce. His remains, it was reported, will then be cremated.

Arill, who commented that he met Rullán 13 and a half years ago, two months before the doctor received a diagnosis of cancer, said that changes in the health system are urgently needed, such as the election of a Health Secretary for ten years to be able to give continuity to projects aimed.

His children also mentioned that the Foundation will emphasize educating on good nutrition, among other health issues. In addition, it was reported that a golf tournament is planned, as well as strengthening and creating health programs. It was also announced that a third book that Rullán wrote in his last months of life will soon be published.

It was reported that people interested in helping the Foundation can make a donation to First Bank account # 0908001699.