Johnny Ventura Lit The Puerto Rico Coliseum With His Greatest Hits

Since the renowned Dominican singer and politician Johnny Ventura appeared on the stage of the Puerto José Colosseum Miguel Agrelot on Sunday night, he lit it with his music and that of each of his guests, sharing anecdotes and what unites them through 63 years of a full life, dancing, singing and enjoying a vitality that impressed the public. The so-called "Black Horse" was during the four hours that the show lasted on stage.

The Great Combo of Puerto Rico opened the evening and was followed by Dominican merenguera Millie Quezada, as well as Grupomanía and El Conjunto Quisqueya. The audience seemed injected with the energy of the composer and dancer.

The artist was very right to continue celebrating, it was his night, he celebrated life, the six decades of career in music among very dear friends who shared singing that meringue that Juan de Dios Ventura puts so much flavor, his real name.


“I have the joy of being in front of an audience like you, who responds that way, and I can only thank the powerful All that allows me to meet in time. I know there are many young people who found their partner at a party with Johnny Ventura, others met at a party that was Ventura with Gran Combo and all I want to say is that this story began exactly 63 years ago. I was a child prodigy when I started, and I have been fortunate that you support me after all this time. I don't think there is a little black on the face of the earth that has that cache of having an audience like you tonight here, ”the artist shared after singing The Great Combo of Puerto Rico who started the evening.

The combo, all dressed in a silver jacket and directed by maestro Rafael Ithier, talked about the ties that bind him to the teacher.

“God gives us these gentlemen who, over time, not only became the University of Salsa but also what I have dared to call him the great musical panther of Puerto Rico who has toured all the territories of the world with a high dignity. My great brothers have come to make it because at the beginning of any artist's career you have to go through many problems so that you can build a hard skin. In 1965, he first traveled to Puerto Rico with the combo. The businessman who brought me had very bad messes and mine pa’s when. So we had days that we did not have how to eat and we were invited to eat at Casa de Pellín Rodriguez, the second, Ithier finds out and makes a meal at his house and so I went through the house of Andy Montañez and became a brotherhood that endures I want to tell you that this bold, almost cute, has never been able to forget this story. ”

After all that story in which Johnny was immersed sharing with the public Ithier contributed and said “I know that you are light in that love. I love you very much but the best we can do is sing a piece of Juan de Dios Ventura "Trampoline".

The evening began with the celebrated telling in photos of the musical life of Ventura that continued with the merenguera Millie Quezada who interpreted his success "Only with you".

“In honor of this great man, this father, grandfather, great Dominican and great politician. I ask loud applause for Juan de Dios for an impeccable career, said Millie who revealed how much she owes the teacher.

The evening closed with a recognition to producer and singer Johnny El Bravo to whom he dedicated a plaque "for being the great promoter of our music in Puerto Rico." A very emotional moment in which tears sprouted and hugged tightly.

The show continued with the music of Grupomanía that premiered a Christmas theme at the time and the Quisqueya Ensemble with a closing of much excitement and joy in a night to remember.

During the evening, Ventura sang a good part of his repertoire of successes, such as "Patacón Pisao", "El Ron Es Mi Medicina", "La Suegra", "El Pescao" ", "Hear My Rhythm", "El Cachimbo", "Floriman" and "El Vecino", among many others. He also sang the song "La Trulla", together with the Quisqueya Ensemble, and El Gran Combo, as well as Quezada con his songs "Y Ya Pa 'Que", "Solo Contigo" and "Matilda".