Joker Already Achieved a Record With His First Functions In The United States

Joker has already made its premiere in most countries worldwide, which means that it is time for the analysis of the collection of the film starring Joaquin Phoenix to begin.

The first figures arrive from the United States and indicate that Joker has already achieved its first collection milestone. Of course, as the film is only available to the public in that country since October 4, the numbers are not bulky, but indicate that the new DC brought several viewers to its pre-premiere functions.

Specifically, according to figures from The Wrap, Joker raised $ 13.3 million with his first duties last night Thursday, October 3.


With that figure, the film directed by Todd Phillips dethroned Venom as the film with a better pre-premiere in that country during the month of October. A site that Sony's production had reached last year with a collection of $ 10 million.

Joker is currently projected to reap between $ 75 and $ 80 million during his first weekend on the US card. Although some analysts are more optimistic and suggest that the story of Arthur Fleck will keep figures between $ 80 and $ 95 million.

If the last scenario materialized, Joker would take another record from Venom and be crowned as the premiere with the highest collection during the month of October in the United States. But of course, you also have to keep in mind that the new DC movie was rated as a tape for adults, so the role has a more limited audience.

In that sense, the best reference would be what happened with Logan in 2017. That movie, which was also based on a comic book character and had a Category R, ​​garnered $ 9.5 million dollars on Thursday day of its pre-premiere and then He was left with $ 88.4 million dollars after his first weekend on the billboard.

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