Joker Beats Justice League And Logan At The Box Office – Tomatazos

The Joker continues to take giant steps to become one of the highest grossing films of the year and for that he continues to get rid of other productions with millionaire collections. Among the new victims are Logan – 93% and Justice League – 41%, while dangerously approaching to take the number one position as the highest-grossing R tape.

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From Forbes it is revealed that this Friday the movie Joker – 91% raised 49 percent less than last Friday (US $ 17 million), which means that it still took US $ 8.61 million and to keep up the pace between the domestic box office and the international would reach a total of US $ 652 million today and would approach US $ 700 million at the end of this weekend. It is very possible that it will not represent a challenge for the success of DC that was Aquaman – 73%, but it has taken ahead of other adaptations such as Ant-Man and the Wasp – 85%, which has a global collection of US $ 620 million and Logan with US $ 619 million.


For his next days on the billboard he will have already passed the global collections of Justice League that raised US $ 659 million worldwide and the US $ 668 million of The Man of Steel – 55%, which he would also exceed in the local market. It will be strange to see how Justice League, the greatest film Warner Bros. has made with the DC Comics characters has been the least box office in his universe, but what matters now is the fact that Prince Clown of Crime is achieving these numbers despite the fact that his feature film is not suitable for all audiences.

The same site ensures that it could reach the US $ 700 million mark between today and tomorrow, which would put it next (or above) the global collection of It (That) – 85% and enter the race to become in the tape of classification R plus ticket office. For that, it must surpass Recharged Matrix – 73% (US $ 742 million), Deadpool – 84% (US $ 783 million) and Deadpool 2 – 85% (US $ 785 million) that fall into the same category, but are not at the top.

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The first place belongs to a Chinese film called Wolf Warrior, whose extreme violence did not stop it at the time of raising US $ 800 million in 2017. Joker could surprise and become the next film to reach that ambitious brand and leave behind several of Marvel's greatest hits (back then Fox).

Unlike the competition, the DC supervillain movie is not characterized by nudity or extreme violence. This is the portrait of the origin of one of the most beloved villains of the comics, whose history in this case appeals more to the public by identifying with a man who has been the victim of different types of abuse throughout his life and his degradation as upset , which shows among other things a message that comes closer to the idea that the rich are heartless to those who don't care about those who have less.

Not counting multimillion-dollar collection tapes such as Captain Marvel – 60% and Avengers: Endgame – 95%, the next to have passed the US $ 800 million is Venom – 35% (US $ 854 million). It is possible that Joker does not approach him, although this is difficult to predict, but it will be a much more profitable film because it has a budget of US $ 55 million to US $ 60 million compared to the US $ 90 million of the symbiote that starred Tom Hardy.

And it seems ironic if we remember that a few days ago it was revealed that Warner Bros. half-financed the making of the film with two other producers because he feared it was another failure. Now they will have to distribute the money and give up a greater part of what they would have had if it were not for not daring to make the play for themselves.

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