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Since the end of the last decade, superhero cinema has become a trend on the billboard and in Hollywood productions. In most cases, specialized critics consider this type of film as a product that does not go beyond entertainment and which is manufactured solely for the purpose of generating large revenues at the box office. On the other hand, within that list of films are titles with outstanding production values, which have led to debate whether this type of cinema could also be considered as art. Among the films of superheroes best valued by critics can be mentioned, Batman: The Dark Knight – 94%, The Dark Knight Rises – 87% by Christopher Nolan, the Spider Man trilogy – 89% by Sam Raimi , Deadpool – 84% of Tim Miller, Watchmen, The Watchers – 65% of Zack Snyder, Logan – 93% of James Mangold and Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 89% of Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. These tapes manage to take a turn and break in a certain way with the convictions of gender.

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Despite the above, the reality is that until a couple of years ago it seemed impossible for one of these films to obtain a nomination in the main categories of the most important film awards. Finally last year it happened when Black Panther – 90% of Ryan Coogler was nominated for Best Film at the Academy Awards or when Spider-Man: A New Universe – 100%, became the first superhero film to win the Oscar for Best Animated Movie. Now the biggest surprise turns out to be Joker – 91% (Joker), winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Festival. A film that before the date of its premiere already had all the reflectors of the press on top. The most surprising aspect is the great acceptance by a first-class festival and the passing qualifications that the critics have given it in the case of a film that although it is not exactly superheroes, its main character part of that universe and the Comics based cinema.


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The film focuses on the origins of one of the most popular villains in the popular culture and arch-enemy of Batman, the Joker. In this installment a deconstruction of the character is made, presenting his life in 1981, when he was simply Arthur Fleck, a marginalized man, a failed clown and an ignored comedian who constantly faces the rejection of society. Along with his uncontrollable laughter and involuntary moments, Fleck suddenly becomes an object of mockery and violence and this leads him to become a psycho and powerful criminal who reveals himself madly against the system.

Directed by Todd Phillips, who was in charge of comedies What happened yesterday? – 79%, Starsky & Hutch – 64% and Amigos de Armas – 60%, this time you take a risk in a different genre, which will surely also generate good revenues at the box office, but above all, with this film you have achieved recognition by of criticism. The film contains a notable influence of Taxi Driver – 98% of Martin Scorsese, not only in terms of characters, but also in the visual proposal. Scorsese was about to get involved in the production of the film, however due to lack of time, he could only have a few meetings with Phillips to talk about the script. Who does his participation in the film is Robert De Niro, although so far most of the applause has been taken by Joaquin Phoenix, because the actor is once again confirmed as one of the best actors of his generation.

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The specialized critic was surprised since the presentation of Joker at the Venice Film Festival. The film manages to be controversial in each festival that is presented and leaves no one indifferent. In the first place, what highlights the press about this feature film is the performance of Phoenix, as they consider it one of the best performances of his career and already profiled him as a strong candidate for Best Actor in the following Oscar Awards. He discusses himself if the film could be nominated in the category of Best Film. The aspects that are applauded of this film are, the direction of actors of Phillips, the direction of photography of Lawrence Sher, that helps to introduce us in the mind of the protagonist and the soundtrack in charge of Hildur Guðnadóttir, but without doubt another of the Strengths that he manages to convince is, the social criticism that is denounced in his argument.

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The criticism of the left has reproached her for having a resentful white man as the protagonist, for the crudeness and brutality that is shown in her scenes, arguing that in some part they could function as a negative influence on the minds and behavior of the spectators, especially among the youngest; That is why its classification has become a topic of debate. Despite the above, Joker – 91% has also obtained from the press the title of best film of the year and passing grades by the most important media. A film that is worth seeing not only for the level of quality and the expectations it generates, but for the current context in which it is presented.

Below, more than what the specialized critic is saying about this premiere:

Javi P. Martín, from movie maker:

… does not aspire to please everyone, but aims to address social issues and invite reflection.

Mariano González, from Cinergia:

… is a film that interpal you from its conception, it makes you part of a problem as long ago it was not seen on screen.

Ricardo Fernández, from El Contraplano:

… it is not a story of struggle between villain and superhero, it is the portrait of a character, the story of the disgrace of a sick man, alone and abandoned by society.

Alejandro G. Calvo, from SensaCine:

… the movie is so good, cool, unsettling and terrible on a dramatic level that I think everyone will like it …

Raquel Hernández Luján, from Hobby Consolas:

… an acid criticism of the system, a history of mental illnesses, the pathos of the clown figure and a deep loneliness. An explosive cocktail

Esther Miguel Trula, from Espinof:

… a good entertainment in which, at a minimum, efforts have been made to combine rupturist ideas with a fan service to the spectators of the superhero cinema …

Diego Batlle, from Other Cinemas:

… a fascinating and portentous story in its dimension and psychological reach.

Manu Yañez, of Frames:

A vision of a sick community that has just made sense of the bold amoral fable presented by Phillips. Together, we are facing a welcome challenge to the grandiloquence that seems to have kidnapped the current Hollywood.

Valentín García, from La Covacha:

He is well done, with all production issues well maintained (photography, costumes, acting, sound and even music), but is pretentious and somewhat irresponsible in his political discourse.

Aaron Navarro, of Geek Frequency:

… is one of those tapes that will not leave the public indifferent, since it seeks to be provocative and achieves it, for better or worse.

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