Jordan’s Daughter ‘met Him’ In The Last Dance: I Saw Him Only As Dad

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Mexico City / 13.05.2020 00:30:05

She is the daughter of the best basketball player in history, but she never understood why they always asked for autographs and interviews whom Jasmine Jordan saw only as “dad”, but thanks to the premiere and success of The Last Dance, the daughter of Michael Jordan understands that she has in his father to one of the greatest legends in the world.


Jasmine was born in late 1992, when MJ had already won two NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and was 10 years old when her dad finally retired from the limelight with the Washington Wizards. She doesn’t remember what His Airness did for basketball, but the Netflix documentary put everything in perspective.

“I was a girl when all that happened. Thanks to The Last Dance today I understand idolatry and admiration for my dad, to call him the best of all time. Finally I understand, I see how the rest of the world sees it, that I never understood it, “Jasmine Jordan told CBS.

Jasmine is the youngest of the children Michael Jordan had in his first marriage with Jeffrey (31) and Marcus (29), while with his second wife he fathered the twins Ysabel and Victoria who are six years old.

“This is wonderful for the new generations who didn’t see my dad play in the NBA, but it’s also great for those who watched and never knew what was going on behind the scenes,” said Marcus Jordan.


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