Jorge Ramos And His Girlfriend Finally Dare To Give Details Of Their Relationship

The journalist clarified whether he will marry the Venezuelan or not and hints that he is not as feisty as he seems

Chiquinquirá Delgado, host of the program The break at 7 from the Univisión network, has just had a luxury guest: none other than his current partner, Jorge Ramos.


The Venezuelan presenter achieved what no one had achieved: for a little more than 40 minutes, the Mexican journalist spoke about his personal and sentimental life.

“I don’t know if this is a very good idea or one of the worst we have ever had,” he began by saying Jorge Ramos, who revealed that he and Chiqui They had agreed not to discuss their relationship.

“In fact we had a kind of personal agreement, not to put things in the relationship and not make them public, but I suppose that the pandemic has changed many things and I also think that they are missing interviewees because if not for you were going to interview me,” he said. George jokingly.

During the conversation, Ramos He confessed that the worst thing about the pandemic on a personal level is that he has not been able to travel to Mexico to visit his mother. The best thing about the running of the bulls has not only been that their romance with Chiquinquirá

, she has also regained her relationship with her son Nicholas, whom he believed lost.

Chiqui also uncovered that Ramos not as brawny as it sounds. “You are not as formal or as serious as people think. You know that they always ask me on the street why they see you fighting with all the politicians and the presidents, that if you fight like that with me, and I tell them: ‘I will I grab it tired, when he comes in the night he doesn’t want to fight anyone anymore, “he joked.

AND George He agreed and added that if something does not happen in their relationship, it is precisely the lawsuits:

The time has come for awkward questions, such as whether he will remarry. And in this department, what Ramos he is clear: he is not interested in leaving singleness.

“Is it a proposal?” He replied George. “People know me and I believe that we are two very free spirits, that we have learned what has not worked for you and me, and we know what does work for us and I think that this works wonderfully. I would not change it for anything”, added.