JOrge Ramos Goes To The Hospital For Respiratory Problems

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Jorge Ramos went to a hospital emergency The journalist ended up at the hospital because of respiratory problems The presenter did not provide more details about what happened

The presenter and journalist Jorge Ramos ended up in a hospital, where he was admitted urgently after having suffered respiratory problems.

Constantly, the Mexican-born driver cares about the health of Hispanics and in his columns he recounts the problems that some people have to go through to receive medical care in the United States.

However, now he was the protagonist of the news to see that he went to a hospital as an emergency to be treated for respiratory problems.

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According to the portal Diario El Diario NY ‘, a few days ago Jorge Ramos went to a hospital where he was noticeably deteriorated and when he left he still had sequels of what happened, because the journalist left the hospital in a wheelchair.

Given this, the portal contacted Univisión to inquire about the health of the driver, to which the line told them a little more in detail what happened to Jorge Ramos.

“Jorge Ramos is very good. He went to the hospital to treat sinusitis after a very bad cold. The procedure did not affect his work commitments and our audience can see him tonight at Univisión News, ”was the channel's response to‘ El Diario NY ’.

As mentioned, Jorge Ramos only had a problem that did not happen to adults, but an emergency visit to the hospital was required to continue his work.

For its part, the driver did not give more details in his Instagram account and his latest publication was dedicated to Walter Mercado, who lost his life in days gone by.

However, the news began to circulate in the networks, where some followers sent him affection.

“With his favor and getting the treatment he will heal. He is an excellent journalist and researcher ”,“ that he gets better, Jorge ”,“ good health for you, Jorge ”,“ that he recovers soon ”, could be read.

Just two months ago, the driver had uncovered the sad fate of a young man because of Donald Trump.

In his weekly column that he writes for the newspaper ‘Reforma’, journalist Jorge Ramos revealed the story of Jonathan, a young Honduran who could die because of President Trump.

In the weekly column that Ramos titled as ‘If they return me, I die’, Jorge explained that Jonathan suffers from a very delicate disease that he treats in the United States.

“This 16-year-old boy suffers from cystic fibrosis. His older sister died of the same disease that, among other things, clogs the lungs with phlegm impossible to remove, ”it could be read in the first paragraph of the column.

But the alarming news came when Jorge Ramos mentioned that Jonathan had 33 days to leave the United States without caring about the disease: “That lethal cough did not seem to matter to the official who sent a letter to Jonathan's father and mother, telling them that the family had 33 days to leave the United States. ”




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