Jorge Ramos Hospitalized In Miami

Although he spends a day sharing that of others, this time Jorge Ramos was the protagonist of his own news when he had to go to the South Miami hospital in the city of the Sun for an emergency due to a respiratory problem.

By writing MiamiDiario

Days past, the journalist was seen entering the hospital very badly and going to the emergency room. Then, he was still visibly affected in the wheelchair of the hospital, Eldiariony reported.


What is happening with the health of Jorge Ramos?

We contacted Univision, who effectively confirmed our information and gave us exclusive details of why he had come to the emergency room and how his health was currently:

“Jorge Ramos is very good. He went to the hospital to treat sinusitis after a very bad cold. The procedure did not affect his work commitments and our audience can see him tonight at Univision News. ”

As the same chain confirms, it was only a traveling episode, and the journalist did not need to be admitted to the hospital, and returned to the front of ‘Univision News’ with Ilia Calderón.

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