José Eduardo Derbez Responds To Rumors That Point Him As Bisexual

José Eduardo Derbez responds to rumors that point him as bisexual | Instagram

The son of Eugenio Derbez spoke about the strong rumors that cast doubt on his preferences, so he decided to talk about it and clarify once and for all these indications that indicate is "bisexual"

José Eduardo Derbez, son of Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez has been involved in the controversy after certain comments that have circulated strongly in the artistic medium, and it is that the son of the comedian has been indicated that "he has been with men and with women".


The actor decided to show his face to clarify the comments that he was accused of being bisexual, after a well-known magazine revealed the alleged arguments in which his ex-girlfriend confessed that the actor has been with other men.

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However, the actor took little attention to the comments he also received on his social networks regarding the same rumor, he showed that this type of news always circulates that sincerely "they are not careful" clarified.

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Also, the actor shared an image on Instagram, coupled with a small text which said the following

Dead inside, but standing like a tree, wrote José Eduardo,

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The image in which he appears posing in a sunset reached just over 47 thousand likes in addition to some comments made by his fans

When there is success, there is no sentimental life always for each other, I encourage you, "" Cheer up, you are another fart that nobody and nothing collapses you remember without fear of success !!! You are the best, "" You have a handsome mother and father who would give everything to see you smile, I love you very much and I admire you, "his fervent followers wrote to him.

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It should be remembered that just a few days ago the actor enjoys his singleness again after the breakup of his last relationship which in the end was involved in much controversy and even more with the latest revelations of his former partner, who apparently fell in love with a woman and that the artist has also been with men, according to a publication of the magazine Tv Notes.

After the comments that were subsequently derived on the artist's orientations, he had not issued a blunt statement about it until now.

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Currently the actor is focused on his career in which he has dabbled as an actor and conductor, his most recent project was the participation he made with his father in the Reality Show "Traveling with the Derbez" which has been a unique experience for father and son since both had the opportunity to live longer.