José Joel Also Took a Selfie In Front Of José José's Body, And They Criticize Him

José Joel also took a selfie in front of José José's body, and they criticize him. | PHOTO: AP

A photograph that captures the moment in which he shows that José José's son, José Joel, also took a selfie in front of his father's body, circulates on the internet, and Internet users criticize him, as does Sarita, who also did.

Twitter users did not forgive what they considered imprudent and disrespectful for the body of their father, José José, and criticized the fact of having taken selfies in the middle of the ceremony, which took place last weekend in Miami Florida.


In evidence

It was one of the fans of the Prince of the Song, who leaked the image she captured in the present body tribute, where, even, they were asked before starting that the use of cell phones was not allowed.

However, both Sarita Sosa and José Joel ignored the indication, and photographed themselves with fans of their father.

The image that circulates shows the older son of José José taking a very smiling selfie, with a woman, and behind his back is his father's coffin.

This caused annoyance among the public, who compared the action with which Sarita performed, and that generated a wave of criticism from his fans.

With so many attacks on Sarita public this photo, I attended as a Mexican to say goodbye to José José, and yes, they asked us not to take cell phones, but at the end of the tribute, the first one who asked for a selfie was José Joel, I got the journalist and I got the moment, I didn't publish it. Until today

October 8, 2019