José José Could Have Recovered His Voice If Someone Had Not Prevented Him, They Say

José José could have recovered his voice if someone had not prevented him | Reform

The brother of the late singer José José who died on September 28 of this year says that the singer could have recovered his voice if someone had not meddled.

For Héctor Sosa, brother of the artist who says that there was a person who prevented the process so that the singer could recover his voice.


After a month and days after the singer José José, left this world, the controversy to clarify his death and the causes that contributed to his deteriorated state of health continue to circulate strongly in the show.

Now it was Héctor Sosa who spoke about it and made revealing comments that call into question the integrity of a person close to his brother, the Mexican artist.

From his album Tenampa, in 2001 our Prince leaves us the song "is an angel" ideal to dedicate it to our partner. ❤ . . . . "She is an angel, I told myself when I saw her, she is an angel and she comes to take care of me. She is an angel, an angel has to be, she is an angel, an angel made woman. She looks in her eyes, in her words and in his love, he shines in his smile, in his silence and in his voice, God listened to my song and an angel sent me in. He is an angel, I told myself when I felt his body that took me away from suffer ing. It is an angel, I knew when I kissed his lips and my suffering went away, I was very tired of wandering and grieving, of so much walking carrying that cross that was a grief, God listened to my song and sent me an angel already, it is an angel, it is an angel, how to doubt that there is glory, he is an angel who knows my story well, he is an angel, how to doubt that there is God, he is an angel and between her and I there is no goodbye, he shows himself in his arms, in his hair and in his complexion looks on his touch, on his hands and on his feet. If he married me, it is that an angel must be. " . . . Learn to love in life, and to live without grudges. . . #josejose #elprincipedelacancion #cantante #clubdefansdejosejose @josejoseoficial

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Hector Sosa himself says that the singer was taking a treatment so that the "Prince of the Song" regained his voice again, however, someone intruded so that this did not happen.

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The same half brother of the singer revealed that he was not present at the funeral of the singer since he was not invited, in an interview of a program he attended, the contractor explained that the singer's representatives did not support him to carry out this treatment.

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Sosa details that at the time he worked as a showgirl, his brother had a Cuban representative, stressing that he himself sought his rehabilitation, was then when he sent this Cuban representative, at that time, a rehabilitation plan.

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This plan was that the artist should take long periods in total silence as well as perform some vocal exercises, this could have prolonged his voice to sing for about 10 or 20 years.

It included shutting up my brother for six months and vocal technical work, ”Sosa explained.

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Hector himself tells us that unfortunately no one took him seriously or took his opinion into account since he was very young at the time and for all he was an "inexperienced", "imagine a young man like me who was going to pay attention to him" "he concluded the interview during his visit to the "Sale the Sun" program.