José José: His Body Is Incinerating Right Now, They Filter Video

José José: his body is incinerating right now, they filter video | SPECIAL

José José's body is being incinerated right now. A video has been broadcast. The sky of Florida cries the "Prince of the song", it has not stopped raining in the city.

According to Al Rojo Vivo reports and as stipulated in the agreement established by Sara, the widow of José José and his children, José Joel, Marysol and Sarita Sosa, it has been confirmed that the singer's body entered the funeral home's furnace to carry out the process of cremation.


The images of this medium show that smoke began to flow from the crematorium chimneys around one o'clock in the afternoon, Florida time.

The report indicates that so far none of José José's relatives have been seen entering, but it is not ruled out that they are inside, as they were able to enter at dawn.

Al Rojo Vivo confirmed the cremation of José José after consulting with one of his sources and making sure that the process was happening.

What will happen after the cremation of José José?

Cremation lasts at least one hour, then the remains are allowed to cool for at least two hours and finally they are delivered in an urn to their relatives.

We know that after this happens, the ashes of the "Prince of the song" will be divided in half, and those delivered to José Joel and Marysol will be transported to Mexico in a plane of the Mexican Air Force.

Tomorrow, José José is expected to arrive in our country so that, after 11 days of his death, he will be honored and buried with his mother.