José José Lived a Hell While He Was Poisoned In Miami, They Say

José José could have been poisoned according to three versions | Instagram

In the midst of all the controversy and speculation surrounding the death of singer José José, conspiracy theories do not cease to emerge weakly from the mystery that enveloped the last years of the "Prince of Song."

With the passing of days more and more things come to light, a theory has recently emerged that suggests that the singer may have been poisoned according to three versions.


It was his last moments and the way he was taken to Miami that has raised so many suspicions and in the eagerness to reveal the truth in the face of the many questions that arose about whether the singer really left of his own accord or pressed; According to the evidence of some audios that circulated in recent days and how it was that he died of pancreatic cancer if he no longer had this organ and many more questions still unsolved.

All these doubts and some more wait for a concrete answer, if his death falls to the responsibility of some people as much has been speculated.

And it is that several studies to which the singer was subjected prior to his operation of pancreatic cancer apparently threw, that in the organism of the artist he was found poison.

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The above has not been fully confirmed, however several friends of the singer have recently expressed the true situation that the singer was living with his youngest daughter, Sarita Sosa and his wife Sara Salazar.

One of the close friends, King Bárbaro, said that for him his friend José José died of sad sadness to so many betrayals and accumulated pain.

Another close person was Paulina Mondragón, a close friend of the singer who gave an interview to the "Ventaneando" program, detailing how she learned from the artist about the embezzlement of one of her stepdaughters, Monique for 4 million dollars.

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However, the most shocking was to ensure that José José "was far from living in peace in Miami with his wife and daughter better, but instead lived a hell of what they were poisoning."

Paulina explained that on one occasion when she saw the artist "she was wearing a scarf, a hat, and was very deteriorated (she was pure bony), the artist told her that Sara had given her some pills to lose weight and they ate my muscles because she told him "That fat I do not sell", it was hard for him to walk, says Paulina.

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The Prince planned to divorce Sara

Paulina comments that the "Prince of the Song" confirmed the doctors' diagnosis of more than one occasion since he received a call from him and the same artist told him that "he was staying in a suite in the Naples neighborhood (CDMX) that He felt bad being at home and moved to the hospital.

He also commented "they did not let him out and they carried out a series of studies and the diagnosis was that he had a type of poisoning and that he had to report to the authorities." However, according to Mondragon, José José did not act at the time, the artist told him "that he had some things to fix first and then do the corresponding thing".

They take him to a clinic, they did studies again and the same thing comes out, he had a type of poisoning. I said 'and what are you waiting for!', Said 'little sister, I'm going to Miami, as soon as I gain weight, I'm going to ask Sara for a divorce, she will give it to me because I'm going to leave the apartment in return I'm not going to put him in jail. '

Also, the singer's friend details that the artist was seeing how to make Sara sign issues related to his bioseries with the condition in exchange for just receiving the apartment, the artist was very determined details Mondragón, "is the only times that way. "

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However, that moment never came, since it was during that time that Sarita arrives in Mexico to take him to Miami where he finally died.

On the other hand, the singer's eldest sons, José Joel and Marysol, were aware that his father was being poisoned.

"Exactly, apparently those were situations by which they separated (José José and Sara Salazar), my dad had already been separated from that lady for three years, it was also something that was already known, he mentions that so many straps have been uncovered and even, says many people approached the singer warning him many things about his wife, Sara Salazar. "

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Although the singer did not react, Marysol Sosa thanked, "she is grateful that reality is slowly being shown," she said in an interview.

The following link shows the complete interview of the program "Ventaneando" to Paulina Mondragón who made the declarations of the calls "Saras" by land.