José José: Only a Few Grams Of The Remains Will Arrive In Mexico

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The death of José José continues to generate controversy and scandal because, while in Miami the remains of the singer were already cremated, we now learn exclusively that only a small part of the ashes will be taken to Mexico.

We were present at the place where the incineration of the Prince of the song ’took place and they revealed to us that only 150 grams of the one of Latin America's legendary singers will travel to their country of origin.


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The body incineration process lasted approximately four hours, then they waited for about two hours for the remains to cool, then crushed them so that the ashes split tonight.

The remains of the body will be divided into 150 grams for each of the parts, that is, one half stays in Miami with the Saritas and the other half will be transferred around 6 in the morning to Mexico, and there the town Mexican will be able to pay you that last goodbye.

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This means that the word of José Joel and his sister cannot be fulfilled, but if the last will of the widow Sara Salazar, who thus wished it would happen to have someone to mourn, it is rumored that she could not travel to Mexico for the height.


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