José Juan Macías Launches His #JJchallenge

Chivas striker José Juan Macías, has established with all the fans a commitment to share daily at 09:00 in the morning, the different routines that he will perform in the physical aspect, so that those who like to do it in this wait at home for the COVID-19, have options to exercise.

“Hello people, how are you? I wanted to communicate with you about the pandemic that we are experiencing, this bad moment that we are all experiencing and good things can be derived from bad moments, so I began to think about what we can all do together, so that this Quarantine does not make us heavy and generate good habits, keep us. I decided daily to upload routines of 15 or 20 minutes of exercise, so that it does not make us so heavy. “

Macías specified that his videos will be available on all his social networks, which will have a hashtag, #JJchallenge. The Guadalajara player, like his teammates, is idle in Verde Valle, until further notice, but they have to stay in shape for when they return.