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José Manuel: The Then And Now Of The Son Of Lucero And Mijares | Instagram Photos | Celebs | Mexico | MX Nnda Nnlt | FAME

A few weeks ago, Lucero and Mijares delighted their audience with a streaming concert called “Siempre amigos”, where they performed some of the most important musical hits of their careers. But what most caught the attention of his fans were his sons José Manuel and Lucerito, who accompanied their parents in a version of the emblematic song “El privilegio de amar”.

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Both youngsters proved to have the artistic streak just like their parents, so they delighted all the fans with their impressive voices. This has made many begin to wonder about the children of Lucero and Mijares, who they are and what they are dedicated to.

Next, we show you the evolution of José Manuel, who, now a young man, is working hard to reach a place in the entertainment world and be as famous as his parents.

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Lucero and Mijares got married in 1997 and throughout the 14 years they were together, their children José Manuel and Lucerito were born.

The eldest son of the singers was born on November 12, 2001 and is currently 19 years old. Since he was little he showed a great taste for music, specifically when playing bass.

The eldest son of Lucero and Mijares has always liked to play bass (Photo: Instagram)

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José Manuel has followed in the footsteps of his parents, however, with a more reserved profile, because instead of seeking a career as a singer, as does his sister Lucerito Mijares, he has concentrated on being a studied musician.

It was even announced that he is studying a career in Music at a university in the United States.

Proof of his talent was his participation in his parents’ concert, where in the video “Soldier of Love” we could see the young man play the drums, while enjoying accompanying Manuel Mijares in such a special event.

PHOTOS OF JOSÉ MANUEL MIJARES José Manuel was born on November 12, 2001 José Manuel MIjares has always kept his life in privacy. The singers’ children also want to follow in the footsteps of their famous parents (Photo: Instagram)


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