Joy Huerta Celebrates His Wife’s Birthday With Loving Message In Networks

The singer shared another image showing her daughter’s mother’s face on the occasion of her birthday.

It was just a few weeks ago that Joy Huerta encouraged to openly share the identity of his wife, because he says he prefers to keep his private life as intimate as possible, but now she and her little Noah are on long tablecloths celebrating the birthday of the plastic artist Diana Atri, wife of the singer and mother of the child.


So through her official Twitter account, the famous woman shared a very affectionate message to congratulate her wife and touched the Internet users, who point out that they make a very beautiful couple and are the favorite wives in the entertainment world.

“This woman was born a day like today a few springs ago. And I am sure that since then it was already set apart for me. Happy birthday, baby @dianaatri! I celebrate your life today and forever, my beautiful sweetie. I really don’t know what I did to deserve you, “the interpreter wrote.

This message was accompanied by a photograph where the two smiley appear in front of the cell phone camera, making funny gestures.

Since Joy, vocalist of the duo Jesse and Joy, confessed that she has a relationship with another woman and is now a mother, she has not tired of showing off to the whole world through social networks how well she enjoys and how lucky she is to have To his family.

“I am a very reserved person and when it comes to social networks I was never very active. I do not seek, nor do I want to be a public person, I am only in a position in which it is important for me to make visible the type of family that I chose to have, make visible that although we live in a constant struggle you can choose happiness, “said Diana Atri weeks ago, after leaving anonymity.