Joy Huerta Introduces Emma, ​​the New Member Of Her Family

The vocalist of Jesse & Joy asked her followers to receive with a lot of love “the smallest sister in the family.”

Singer Joy Huerta and his wife Diana Atri They turned to their social networks to introduce the new member of their family: Emma, a dog that came into their lives a few days ago thanks to the association For Those Who Have No Voice.


The first to announce the arrival of the new three-month pet was Joy, who explained on Instagram that she had been rescued by one of her friends. However, it seems that the charm of Emma made both she and his wife fall in love with her.

Even before sharing their photographs so that someone else could adopt her, they wanted her cat to meet her Ramon.

“On this occasion before sharing the photos of this girl we wanted her to meet @ramonnadamas and they ended up loving. So I ask you to receive the little sister of the family #AtriHuerta #HuertaAtri @ emma.nadamas with much affection, ”wrote the interpreter of I want to fall in love.

For its part, the artist Diana Atri He also shared his emotion at the arrival of Emma and although he expressed that it is likely that neither she nor Joy They can sleep for the next few years, said they are happy.

“I introduce you to the new member of our family. We are happy that @ emma.nadamas has reached our lives thanks to @porlosquenotienenvoz, a foundation that protects and rescues animals that need a permanent home full of love. And happier we have the opportunity to see that little face every day. My other two children cannot be happier, although I know that @joynadamas and I will not sleep in a few years, ”said the audiovisual artist.

The couple published the first photograph of Emma in his new Instagram account, which so far has more than four thousand followers.

“Hi! I’m Emma! I’m three months old and they are the smallest in the family. @porlosquenotienenvoz rescued me from a road with more dogs that would not let me eat, I was very skinny and full of fleas. They introduced me to my now family and I am going to share here the great value of adoption, ”reads the profile of the dog.

In this way it was like Emma he joined the family that Joy Huerta and Diana Atri formed with the arrival of his daughter Noah, who was born in May 2019. In addition to the nine-month-old girl, she is also Ramon, the couple’s little cat, which is also considered part of the family, since they recently celebrated his birthday.