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Joy Huerta Presumes That Her Baby Noah Inherited Her Singing Talent

Maybe it’s too early to know if Joy Huerta’s baby Noah will follow in his footsteps in the world of music.

What is a fact is that the little girl of almost a year inherited the musical talent of her famous mother and the singer could not be more proud to share that great news with everyone.

And it is that in these days that he has spent all his time at home, Joy not only lived more with his wife, Diana Atri , but he saw her little girl grow moment by moment and discovered the good ear she has.

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© @ joynadamas
Joy Huerta is proud to share that her daughter has a good musical ear

Since she is two months old, I listened to her sing with me and my wife told me- grimace that I don’t believe you- and I ‘well don’t believe me’,” said the 33-year-old artist about a talk she had with her wife.

“Until one day there was no noise in the house, I had it on my chest and I was singing, I hear how I was emulating – making noises – but in tune,” she said very happy to the Mexican program Ventaneando .

“It is very curious, because my wife likes to sing, but it is not like, oh look what a beautiful song! And one day I tell him to experiment, can you sing to see what happens? ”, He recalled about that particular day.

The reaction of the little girl surprised the vocalist of Jesse & Joy. “I’m singing to him. Unemployment. Sing my wife and Noah starts with a gesture of wanting to cry. Then it made me laugh a lot, and as a result of that we realized that the girl has a particularly correct ear, “she explained.

The positive side of confinement

Joy, like millions of people in the world, had to pause her routine due to the current pandemic . Although she misses the stage and working with her brother, she has enjoyed this time at home to the fullest, as it is the baby’s first year of life.

“It has been wonderful to see this in a more positive way and thank God that I can spend time with my family, and not miss out on such special aspects as seeing Gordis walking, hearing her first words said,” she said happily. her maternal role.

Noah will celebrate her first year on May 28, but the party they had planned for the little girl had to adapt to the new safety regulations. Instead of a big party, both moms will have a very intimate gathering.

© @ joynadamas
Noah is about to turn a year old, but his party plans had to change

“In the weeks that we have been in isolation, both Jesse (his brother), myself and my Nena’s other grandmother are going to have to keep these eight people at home, and at least give the baby a hug in this first year. . And if not, fortunately she is very young and we will be able to wait a week and tell her that it is her birthday, “Joy said of her plans.


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