Joy Villa, Of Latin Blood And Supporter Of Donald Trump And Presumes

The singer and songwriter Joy Villa has attracted attention in recent years as she passed through the Grammy carpet for the controversial dresses she has chosen and last Sunday night was no exception.

Villa arrived at the Staples Center in the 62nd edition of the awards wearing a white dress with the stars of the US flag stamped and then revealed that he was wearing a red dress underneath that read "Trump 2020" alluding to his support to the US president for this year's elections.

Although Villa uses anti-immigrant messages, he has an inheritance from different parts of the world, since his father Joseph Villa was of Italian-Argentine descent and his African-American mother.


Joy Villa Photo: AP

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But political speeches have been present on more than one occasion. In 2019, Joy Villa wore a white dress with brick engraving and the words "Build the wall", supporting Trump's initiative to build the wall that divides Mexico from the United States. Among the singer's accessories she wore on her neck what looked like a barbed wire and a bag with the words “make America great again”.

Joy Villa: Photo: AP

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The detractor of the abortion also caused controversy a year earlier, at the 2018 awards, when her white dress had drawn a fetus and the colors of the rainbow accompanied by the phrase “choose life” (choose life). While in 2017 the phrase "Make America great again" – used in the campaign of Donald Trump – wore in his blue dress.

Joy Villa Photo: Archive

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Although without any political message, but just as extravagant, in 2015 and 2016 Joy opted for similar dresses through which a large part of her body was seen. In the case of the one used in 2015 – in orange color – it was designed by Andre Soriano who, like her, is a supporter of Donald Trump. And the following year it was a black dress.

Joy Villa Photo: Reuters

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