Juan Collado Is Already a Grandfather, Leticia Calderón Told The Details

This is a boy who apparently is called Gerónimo and was not born in Mexico

Collado Sea daughter of Juan Collado, became a mom as the lawyer’s ex-wife announced, Leticia Calderón.


The actress did not want to reveal the place or date of birth of the baby and although she warned that she will not share photos or videos, she did release information about the happy parents of this new family member.

Sea Y Gonzalo They are already parents and both are happy. The baby is beautiful. I have not met him personally, but with her as much as her brother Juan, they have sent us videos and photos that of course I will not upload to networks, they have not told me anything forbidding it, however, out of respect I will not. And I will not mention when he was born. Yes I can say that he is a child and that his name begins with Jero. We maintain a respectful relationship and I want it to continue, “said the actress to the site Class.

Leticia Calderón commented that his children, Luciano Y Carlo They are happy with the news that they are already uncles and that now they want to buy clothes for their first nephew. And it seems that very soon they will be able to meet him in person, the actress announced.

“My children are eager to meet the baby of Sea, but we know that she will soon travel for us to meet and meet him. They feel happy to hear the word uncle, it seems to me that they feel bigger. The three of us love very much Sea and his happiness makes us feel very happy, “said the actress, who will participate in the soap opera Empire of lies.

The actress did not clarify how she took Juan Collado the news that he is already a grandfather or how other family members reacted to the idea of ​​Jero’s birth. Until now, Yadhira Carrillo , current wife of Collado nor has he pronounced on the matter, although in mid-January he expressed his emotion for the arrival of the baby of Sea.

“We are happy because we are going to become grandparents. Juan She is fascinated, the whole family is delighted, we are really happy, “said the actress upon arrival at the prison where she constantly visits her husband.