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Juan Gabriel: This Was The POLITICAL Phrase In Which He Compared Himself To GOD | VIDEO

Juan Gabriel is one of the most beloved Mexican interpreters of all time, thanks to his great talent on stage, his great voice, his way of composing songs for him and for many other great artists; but his life was also full of problems and controversies.

Within these great controversies that Divo de Jurez unleashed every time he gave statements, there is a phrase that caused a lot of stir within Mexico and the world, mainly from the Catholic religion.

Since on several occasions, in an interview in Primer Impacto and when he recorded the album of Fine Arts, where he gave his point of view about God, even people came to think that he does not believe.

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The history

Juanga commented that God is everything good that one does, but he also said that he considers that without people there is no God, so he does believe.

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Later came the most controversial part of the declaration, since he explained that he is God, “I believe in myself, which is the same as believing in God,” declared Divo de Jurez.

Later he clarified that he respects the ideologies of others and believes in God through people, but the reality is that this belief was focused on people. In the interview for First Impact he closed his statement “how not to believe … in people” with a smile.

The legacy

In addition to controversial phrases like this one and that of “what is seen is not judged”, Juan Gabriel demonstrated that love that he had for people in his songs, which on many occasions were dedicated to loved people like his mother, sister and friends, people he believes in.

Today Divo de Jurez is no longer in this world, but his legacy and songs endure so that all lovers of Spanish music can continue to enjoy his lyrics and successes in moments of celebration or sadness.



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