Juan Guaidó Surprises Venezuelan Residents Of The Doral In Miami

Miami, Feb. 1 (EFE) .- Opposition leader Juan Guaidó, whom half a hundred countries recognize as president in charge of Venezuela, surprised some of his countrymen in the streets of the city of Doral, in Miami-Dade County , and he sang with them the national anthem, hours before his planned “act for freedom” in Miami. “Today, tomorrow, Miami is Venezuela but it is also Latin America, it is also freedom!” Guaidó told Venezuelans with which was found last night in “Doralzuela”, as this city is popularly known for its high Venezuelan population. Several videos of the meeting are already posted on social networks and in all of them Guaidó is seen taking pho tos with his countrymen and singing stanzas of the Venezuelan anthem with them. As president of the National Assembly, a position in which he was re-elected in January, and invoking the Guaidó Constitution, he was proclaimed president of Venezuela a year ago and was immediately recognized by the Government of the United States, which was then followed by 50 other countries. This is his first visit to the United States since then and he makes it at the close of an international tour that has taken him to Colombia, several European countries, including Spain, and Canada, to demand more help to restore democracy in their country. With the question of whether he will meet with US President Donald Trump, before returning to Venezuela, even without clearing, Guaido has called for today all Venezuelans in South Florida and the citizens of other Latin American countries to an act for freedom. The Miami Airport Convention Center, with capacity for more than 7,000 people, will be the scene of that meeting, to which “Special guests” are expected, including representatives of the Republican and Democratic Parties of the United States. President Trumnp is at his residence in Palm Beach, about 100 miles north of Miami, where The Super Bowl, the final of the National Football League, will take place the weekend in which the Super Bowl will take place tomorrow at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, with capacity for more than 65,000 spectators , and the entire area is surrounded by strict security measures. Also the act of Guaidó will have a strong security device, in charge of the US Secret Service, as corresponds to a visit of “a head of state foreigner “, which is considered Guaidó by the Trump Government. (c) Agencia EFE



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