Juan Marichal, a Genius Of Resistance From The Mound

“Today’s fidelity can only be seen in audio equipment.” Anonymous

Juan Marichal was a pitcher of natural intelligence from the Hill of Terror and a true genius of resistance and domination of his rivals. Juan on the mound is inexhaustible, which is evident in his 243 career wins and 244 complete games. In a nutshell: Exceptional.


In the 1963 season, several games were decided with more than 13 innings of home runs, but some of the Taki card games in that range were thrown by Juan Marichal, the “biggest chain” after the innings. Some have passed. It was run from an old Jaragua hotel through a narration by Billy Velor International, comments from Cometon Max Alvarez, a commercial “Selling Voice” Freddie Mondesie, and Radio Universal owned by Ellis Perez.

Two great pitchers, Warren Spahn and Juan Marichal, appeared in the historic match. Tuesday, July 2, 1963, 59 years old, today at Candlestick Park, 15,921 people attended and lasted 4 hours and 10 minutes.

The Milwaukee Braves Spawn (11-4) and the San Francisco Giants Marichal (13-3) participated in a 16-inning duel, with both pitchers working throughout the route. Spawn faced 56 batters and threw 15 his 1/3 innings, losing 1-0 with 9 hits, 1 hit, 2 RBIs and Willie Mays’ home run. Marichal pitched 59 batters, allowed 8 hits, walked 4 and hit 10.

Each zero was soon duplicated with another more powerful one. Giants manager Alvin Dark visited Marichal on the mound on 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14 innings.

In 14 innings, Marichal told the manager: The Giants manager replied positively, “… the man is 42 years old, I am 25 years old, and no one can take me out of here as long as the man stays in the mound …” .. Only Inning and Marichal allowed the Braves two hits and retired 17 times in a row. Spahn threw 227 pitches, Marichal 201.

A day like today

1980: Outfielder and first baseman Israel Alcantara is signed by Jesús Rojas Alou for the Montreal Expos.

1983: Dodgers Alejandro Peña play 10 to 1 against Houston, the most major league baseball player.

1993: Chicago Cubs Sammy Sosa scored six hits and one break below the National League record with the Cubs’ 11-8 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

1994: Odalis Perez was signed by Rene Francisco for the Atlanta Braves.

2001: At Skydome, Manny Ramirez hit three home runs at a time, and the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 16-4. Manny’s home run travels 491 feet, the longest home run in dome history. This is the seventh match against the Blue Jays this year, with the most hits of the season. It’s also the 5th time at the dome that connects the records of the opponents.

2002: The Yankees get an OF from the Blue Jays in exchange for minor league pitcher Scott Wiggins.

2006: Alex Rodriguez hits 3 to 5 with 2 home runs in a 42 home run game.

2006: Albert Pujols hits his 228th home run, putting Ray Lankford in third place in the franchise.

Birthday: 1976, Manuel Martinez; 1983, Samuel Deduno; 1986, Oliver Marble; 1986, Rigoberto Silverio; 1993, Pedro Araújo.

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