Jude Law Would Not Hesitate To Continue Expanding His Offspring

The actor Jude Law has shown again that he lives a sweet moment both in his professional career, given the good reviews he has been receiving for his starring role in the series 'The Young Pope', as in his family life, especially Now that he has finally found the sentimental stability of Phillipa Coan's hand, so much so that the attractive 47-year-old interpreter would not hesitate to receive a hypothetical new foray into fatherhood with open arms, this time with the woman of his dreams , to start the new decade in the best possible way and, also, to put the finishing touch to a marriage that will soon be in its first year. "Of course! It would seem wonderful and I am absolutely willing. I am lucky. of being with a person that I am madly in love with, I have never been so happy with someone, and I am also fortunate to have a very healthy and stable family, with children who are already young ad "The last ones and others, the smallest ones, who don't stop giving me joy," he said enthusiastically in his interview with the Daily Telegraph. Of course, Rafferty's proud father (23), Iris (19), Rudy (17), Sophia (10) and Ada (4) will not have too much trouble in ensuring that his extensive offspring – including his future members – do not lack anything in the economic sphere, taking into account that he has never been afraid to accept certain jobs when he urges him to increase his income. "I could not say that a very bulky part of my career is explained only by money, but I have made the odd film with the mentality of: 'God, I really need to earn some money '. But that's how things work when you have to earn your bread and put food on the table for your children, "Vulture magazine recently confessed.