Judge Amy Conan Barrett reaffirms her conservative positions before the federal Senate

Judge Amy Conan Barrett Reaffirms Her Conservative Positions Before The Federal Senate

Washington – Justice Amy Conan Barrett, a nominee for the United States Supreme Court, said Tuesday that while she admires the late ultraconservative Justice Antonin Scalia, she will bring her own approach to the highest court in the United States.

Barrett was responding to senators’ questions during a confirmation hearing. His appointment would consolidate a conservative majority in court for years to come.

Barring some drastic and unexpected twist, Republicans appear to have the votes to confirm Barrett, whom they portray as a thoughtful judge with impeccable credentials. It would be the third judge appointed to the court during the presidency of Donald Trump.


Barrett, a former law professor, said she takes an originalist conservative approach to the Constitution – “text as text” – and that a judge “does not infuse a meaning of its own” into the charter. “You wouldn’t pick Judge Scalia, you would pick Judge Barrett.”

Accompanied by her family, Barrett attends the hearings at the Capitol for the second day. The tone is likely to take a more antagonistic turn as Barrett, an appeals judge with little trial experience, prepares to respond to questioning by Democratic senators. Although they oppose the one proposed by President Donald Trump, they have practically no means to stop it. Republicans want to confirm his appointment before election day on November 3.

The chairman of the commission, Republican Lindsey Graham, opened the session conducted under the security protocols for the coronavirus, talking about public health and the affordable health insurance law.

He immediately asked the judge, a devout Catholic, if she will be able to put aside her personal convictions to adhere to the law. “Yes, I can,” he replied. “I have and will continue to do so.”

Graham praised her as a conservative and devoted woman and the best Trump could have run.



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