Judge Slows An Order Of Donald Trump

WASHINGTON. A judge decided to temporarily block the order of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who was to enter into force yesterday, to deny visas to immigrants without medical insurance or who cannot afford it, which was rejected “flatly” by the House White.

The court decision comes after a lawsuit filed by Justice Action Center, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and Innovation Law Lab organizations, which informed that this is not the end of this process since in the next few days a court in Oregon will have to consider the case. .

The White House expressed its "strong" disagreement with "the decision of the District Court to impose an order at national level against the President's policy, preliminary and urgently over the weekend, without even allowing the government the opportunity to provide a written defense. "


He added that “it is unfair for a district judge to abolish the policies of the President to better protect the US health system, and for taxpayers who suffer the serious consequences of the great pressure on the health system by the decompensated subsidy of care to who seek to be admitted ”in the country. On October 4, Trump ordered to deny entry visas to immigrants without resources.

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