Juice To Fight Anemia

Juice to fight anemia | Pexels

Juice to fight anemia, health specialists say that this condition causes our body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. These globules are responsible for supplying oxygen to body tissues, now we understand its importance.

One of the main causes of this condition is usually a poor diet, our diet requires certain nutrients and vitamins to regularly produce these red blood cells.


Some of the main nutrients that are reduced in our organisms due to anemia are: iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid, are only some of the most important, but the affectation is greater.

The main symptoms reported by patients with anemia are: Difficulty concentrating, weakness, chronic fatigue and poor work or school performance. If you have this symptomatology do not hesitate to visit your doctor

The treatment

Treatment depends on the diagnosis provided by the health specialist. Iron and vitamin B supplements may be recommended, in more delicate cases blood transfusion may be necessary.

Today we have for you a smoothie that helps you prevent anemia and gives you a dose of energy that stays alive throughout the day, you have to try it, you probably do not love its taste but its benefits.

The recipe for a carrot and beet smoothie

1 beet or beet


1 glass of water

Cut the beet and carrot into small pieces, then liquefy them by adding the glass of water, liquefy until it has a lump-free texture, you can add ice chips. Do not forget that you should drink it as soon as possible so that its components do not lose their natural properties.