Julian Castro Will Withdraw From The Democratic Race If He Does Not Raise $ 800,000 In 10 Days | News Univision Elections In The USA 2020

The race of the only Latin Democratic candidate for the presidency could end at the end of the month. As Julian Castro himself warned in a message on his Twitter account, if he fails to raise $ 800,000 in the next few days he will have to give up his ambitions to the White House.

"I am deeply proud of this historic and courageous campaign that we have built. But this is a critical moment. If my campaign fails to raise $ 800,000 until October 31, it will be silenced forever. Help us keep fighting," he wrote in a message in your Twitter account where you add a link to your donation website.


Failure to achieve that goal, says his campaign, Castro will not be able to be in the Georgia debate on November 20 and will abandon the race to the White House.

As his campaign manager, Maya Rupert, wrote in a message in Medium in which he justified the call to donors, at that time he promised that he would go to places "that they felt ignored to show them that he would defend them." In fact, his first visit, after making the announcement of his launch to the presidency, went to San Juan (Puerto Rico).

A campaign without PACs or lobbyists

Rupert recalls that by launching his career to the Presidency, Castro pledged to pay his campaign interns a living wage to survive and refused to accept money from political action committees (PACs) or lobbyists.

"He says what he believes and is consistent with it even if it is not popular and especially if it is not," says the campaign manager. "Because when the right thing is not popular is when your voice is most needed. But now we are in danger of losing that voice," he laments.

According to Politico, Castro's campaign raised $ 3.5 million between July and September, but at the end of that month he had less than $ 700,000.

Castro's strategy to make a public request for funds with a deadline is reminiscent of a similar one by Cory Booker when last month he asked his followers to help him raise $ 1.7 million in 10 days to get on with his campaign.

The New Jersey senator on that occasion not only achieved his goal but also exceeded $ 2.1 in donations.

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