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Julián Gil Faces Parental Rights Lawsuit

Tonight Marjorie de Sousa disclosed through a press release that she sued Julián Gil for the loss of parental authority over the son she has with the actor.

“This is the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life. But, as a mother, I am obliged to face this sad situation with the sole objective of protecting the rights of my son, ”she wrote.

Once it was made public, the 50-year-old Argentine shared a video in which he expressed his regret and helplessness because they want to take his son away from him.

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“I cannot understand the impudence, the impudence, the lack of morals, the lack of love, where a press release is published notifying that there was a process open since January 8, when they notified me… about a demand to take away my parental authority. . I am sure that a mother when she decides to take parental rights from a child is for totally strong reasons, that the father is somehow a violent type, with some type of psychological, mental problems that threatens the child … it is something very strong … It is very strong to achieve it first and stronger to have the eggs or in this case the ovaries, “he said.

He assured that he will not enter into the issue of whether he is a good father or not, because he does not have to demonstrate what he has done for all his children and assured that the 40-year-old Venezuelan has threatened him.

“Today I tell you that she is going to do it, how is she going to do it? Very easy, influence management, power, corruption in the Mexican judicial system and all the other tricks that they are willing to do. I have a recording of a meeting that took place, where I was threatened at a table that if I fought parental authority I had to abide by the consequences, because the lady had godparents and had a lot of power. You wonder why I left Mexico? I left Mexico because I was threatened and I am still threatened, “he explained.

As for the legal details, Gil’s lawyer and sister with the documents in hand assure that the cause that De Sousa alleges for the lawsuit is that he does not care about the child.

“Being the father of my youngest son, he has not worried about knowing how he lives, from the age of two weeks, and has refrained from fulfilling his upbringing tasks, with his food obligation leaving the minor in abandonment”, it is possible to read on demand.

From the actress, only statements are known through the press release she shared and she has not answered anything regarding the alleged threats she made to the father of her son.

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