JULIE ANDREWS – What If Donald Trump Had Had Mary Poppins As a Babysitter?

What would have happened to US President Donald Trump if he had had Mary Poppins as a nanny? "I would have put it on my waist quickly!" Julie Andrews exclaimed during the presentation on Friday of her memoirs in London.

"I wish I had the opportunity to try …", added the 84-year-old British actress, who embodied the governess endowed with magical powers in the 1964 Walt Disney musical.

Behind this movie that made her famous for generations there is a long career. "I worked professionally for 75 years," said the slender short-haired actress, as vivacious as ever.


She is the interpreter of another iconic film that the years do not pass: "The Sound of Music" ("Smiles and Tears" or "The Rebel Novice"). A musical in which Andrews, about to become a nun, sings through the Austrian hills and seduces a noble widower (Christopher Plummer), for whom he works taking care of his offspring.

Each time these films were mentioned, the audience gathered at the Royal Festival Hall shouted for joy and applauded. Everyone, young and old. A woman was dressed as Mary Poppins.

"Talented since childhood"

She answered the questions of British actor Alex Jennings ("The Crown"). Julie Andrews, who years ago received the title of Lady of the British Empire from the hands of Queen Elizabeth II, told some anecdotes, but never moving away from her role as a good girl.

His parents, who worked in the entertainment world, soon discovered his talent for singing and his stepfather taught him when he was 7 years old. "I hated him," she remembers. "I could sing notes so high that they made dogs howl."

He soon took the stage and dedicated himself to the variety show until he turned 18, when he went to Broadway. And there, one night, while playing in "Camelot", she entered her dressing room Walt Disney and proposed to act in a movie, something she had never done before.

It was one of the most incredible moments of his career, he acknowledged. The success was immense. He won an Oscar. And that the author of the book "Mary Poppins", Pamela Travers, had said of her: "You are too pretty for it, but you have the nose that is needed."

In Hollywood, he married director Blake Edwards, thirteen years older than her, with whom he spent 45 years of his life. He directed it in several films, including the musical ¿Victor or Victoria ?, where he plays an unemployed singer who is offered in a cabaret the role of a man who plays a woman, in the Paris of the 30s.

The prestige of "Blacky" protected her from possible harassment, she said in several interviews to the media after the launch of the #Metoo movement.

"Homework, Memoir of my Hollywood years" ("Duties – Memories of my Hollywood years") is the second volume of the actress's memoirs.



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