July 4 Celebration to Include Air Parade in Eastern United States

July 4 Celebration To Include Air Parade In Eastern United States

Washington – Military planes will parade in several major cities on the East Coast of the United States as part of the celebration of the July 4 holiday this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pentagon reported that nearly 1,700 elements of the military will support a salute to the “Great Cities of the American Revolution.” The exact time of the exhibition has not yet been determined, but it is known that they will start in Boston and then go to the cities of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

From there, military aircraft will join other aircraft participating in the “Salute to the United States” over Washington, D.C. The American capital has been celebrating Independence Day for decades. President Donald Trump added to the events of last year a speech and an exhibition of tanks and warplanes.


The White House said that President and First Lady Melania Trump will host this year’s greeting from the South Lawn of the official residence and nearby Ellipse Park. I add that the president will offer a few words and the ceremony will conclude with music, military exhibitions and air parades. Last year, Trump gave his speech near the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The cost of the festivities last year for federal taxpayers amounted to more than $ 13 million, practically double the close to six to seven million dollars spent in previous years, according to recent reports from government auditors. Some Democratic lawmakers have criticized the increased spending to meet what they called the president’s “outrageous demands.”

However, the Pentagon indicated that the air parades offer an opportunity for the Defense Department to demonstrate the professionalism of the Armed Forces and that the pilots who will participate in this year’s celebration would have taken advantage of those hours of training in other facilities in case of not have participation in the flights.

Trump plans to kick off the Independence Day festivities with a show at Mount Rushmore the day before.



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