Justin Bieber Insists On Getting Into The Ring To Fight With Tom Cruise

Two years after inviting the actor to a fight, it seems that the singer wants to resume the alleged fight.

Last year Justin Bieber left his fans speechless when he published a tweet in which he challenged Tom cruise to a fight, also labeling the very president of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in the publication to give him visibility and try to get his support apparently.


Although shortly after he withdrew the invitation, assuring that it had been an occurrence, the rest of the world was left with the doubt of what had happened to the singer to think that it would be a good idea to get on a ring with the actor, He has earned a reputation as a tough guy for recording his own action scenes and training in various martial arts disciplines.

Now Justin has spoken again on that subject during the interview he gave to the presenter James corden, in the popular format ‘Carpool Karaoke’ to reiterate his conviction that his confrontation with Cruise

it would be the spectacle of the century from which he would be victorious.

In view of the obvious difference between the physical condition of both, it is easy to understand why Corden rushed to bet on the protagonist of Mission Impossible in that hypothetical fight, something that didn’t make his guest too funny.

“I am trying not to let myself be guided by my ego, but there is no way I can win. He is not the type you see in the movies. I am dangerous and incredibly agile … I don’t think you understand the level of mind control I have achieved. It is typical of another species. I am different. I am the Conner McGregor of the entertainment world, “he concluded.

Regardless of whether the artist was serious or joking, the truth is that it will never be known who would have emerged victorious in that meeting, because Tom cruise He never deigned to answer the invitation.